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		Early history of the family in Yorkshire

		The Aldborough branch from the late 16th Century

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Calendar of the Patent Rolls, preserved in the Public Record Office,
Edward III, A.D. 1338-40.

Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1898; [p. 2].

		Membrane 40
1338. Feb. 4. Westminster.

		Pardon to brother Nicholas del Malthous, lay-brother of the abbey of
Fountains, for the death of Roger Borell at le Somerbank in Nidderdale,
as it appears by the record of William de Shareshull and his fellows,
justices appointed to deliver the gaol of York Castle, that he killed him in
self defence.

		and from - 
The Honour of Kirkby Malzeard and the Chase of Nidderdale,
by Tom S. Gowland.
The Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, Vol. 33/ Pt. 4 (or Pt. 132), 1938.

		..... Summerbridge, now almost joined to Dacre,
lies just within the township. This place, or Summerston Lodge
further up the valley, may locate "le Somerbank" referred to in
a pardon ...... . Burrill is a surname still found near Kirkby.

Calendar of the Patent Rolls, preserved in the Public Record Office,
Edward III, Vol. XI, A.D. 1358-61.

Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911; [p. 291].

		Membrane 18
1359. Oct. 14. Sandwich.

		Pardon to Clement del Malthous of the king's suit for the death of
John de Esdyke, 'taillour', lately killed at the suburb of York in
Bouthum, as the king has learned by the record of John Moubray
and his fellows, justices appointed to deliver the king's goal of the
city of York, that he killed him in self defence.

The Returns of the Poll Tax for the West Riding of Yorkshire 1379.
The Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Assn., 1882; [pp. 237-238].

Wappentagium de Clarrowe.
(Membrane 44b, column 4.)

		Kirkebymalesart cum Lauerton', Misese, Lungle, Skeldon', Dala, Sweton',
Dalehouses, et Nidderdale.

Thomas de Malthous iiij.d.

Notes on the Religious and Secular Houses of Yorkshire, Vol. I,
extracted from the Public Records by William Paley Basildon.
The Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Record Series Vol. 17, 1894.

		Whitby Abbey - 11th entry.

		    A.D. 1385.--The Abbat of Whitby v. 		Nicholas Harewode
John de Marton, John de Malthous, and Richard Payn, all of
Whitby, for digging in his several quarry at Whitby, and taking
stones therefrom to the value of 20l., and for depasturing cattle
in his grass to his damage of 20 marks.
    De Banco, Mich. 9 Ric. II m. 244 d.

Monastery and Society in the Late Middle Ages,
Selected account rolls from Selby Abbey, Yorkshire, 1398-1537,
edited and translated by John H. Tillotson.
The Boydell Press, 1988.

		(The Account?) of Brother John Anlaby, kitchener of the kitchen of
the lord abbot and the convent of Selby from Thursday namely (the
first?) of October and the festival of the Burial of St German A.D.
1416 to the morrow (of the same festival of St German?) A.D. 1417,
namely for one whole year and one day.

		Sheep (Multones)
The same person answers for 383 sheep by purchase
this year from various persons for sundry prices ...

		And he asks for allowance to him of 10 totally torn apart by the dogs
of Brother Thomas Bolton, William del Malthous, and others
within the abbey this year.

		Note 130. An account roll of 1426 describes William del Malthous as 
keeper of the malt-house and keeper of the rabbit-warren of Thorpe
Willoughby (University of Hull, The Brynmor Jones Library, DDLO
20/68, account of the serjeant of Carlton).

		Webmaster Note - The Author has kindly e-mailed me a little more additional

		'I can add ... the fact that William del Malthous was receiving a livery 
of grain as part of his wages from the serjeant of the tithe-barns at Carlton,
both as keeper of the brewhouse and keeper of the rabbit warrens at Thorpe
Willoughby (DDLO 20/68). Also in a different account, that of the chaplain
and proctor of the abbot's household (Michaelmas 1423 to Michaelmas 1424),
Brother John Crossethwayt, there is an entry in the gifts section: "And to
the son of William del Malthous 4d. to buy a bow for himself." (DDLO 20/54)'

Memorials of the Abbey of St. Mary of Fountains,
consisting of Bursars' Books, 1456-1459 and Memorandum Book of Thomas Swynton, 1446-1458, Vol. III,
edited by J. T. Fowler.
The Surtees Society, Vol. 130, 1918; [P. 73].

		Bursars' Books, 1457-8 - [117]

		...I.[tem] p.[er] Th. Malthous apud Bostan per vices, xxs;...

		Webmaster Note - Bostan; Boston in Lincolnshire, where Fountains
		held property. Proof perhaps to the origins of the family. Other 
		entries (all in Latin) for Will., Joh'is and Joh'em Malthous.

Acts of Chapter of the Collegiate Church of SS. Peter and Wilfred, Ripon, 1452-1506,
edited by Rev. J. T. Fowler.
The Surtees Society, Vol. 64, for 1874 (published 1875).

		A.D. 1467. 'Nota de domicilio de Wodhouse'.

		    Quarto die mensis Februarii, anno Domini Millesimo qua-
dringentisimo sexagesimo septimo, venit Willelmus Malthous
senior de Gallwhae, in pleno capitulo, coram Willelmo Bow-
land, capellano, camerario ecclesiae Ripon', et Chritoforo
Kendale, commissario ejusdem capituli, et fatebatur pro se et
heredibus suis in perpetuum, debere annuatim eidem capitulo
sex denarios et jd. Sancti Petri ut pro libera firma unius tofti
iij acrarum terrae et ij acrarum prati, apud Wodhous juxta
Wynkeslay, quae (sic) tenet de dicto capitulo libere, et quae
quondam fuerunt Julianae Bakstanman, et postea Willelmi
filii Emmae de Clotherum, et nuper Johannis Horton, ut patet
alibi, etc. Et pro hac recognicione de omnibus arreragiis dictae
firmae si quae fuerint, praedictum capitulum eidem Willelmo
Malthous relaxavit, et eundem exoneravit, et pro detencione
eorundem arreragiorum absolvit. Et eisdem die et loco soluti
ad manus dicti Willelmi Bowland camerarii vjd, et jd. Sancti
Petri, ut pro firma sua de terminis Pentecostes et Sancti Mar-
tini in yeme ultime praeteritis admissus est tenens, et juratus
de fidelitate dicto capitulo observanda.

		Note - Winksley is one mile south of Galphay. Woodhouse is three-
quarters of a mile west of Winksley, and just within the boundary of
the Liberty of Ripon.

Memorials of the Abbey of St. Mary of Fountains, Vol. II,
edited by John Richard Walbran.
The Surtees Society, Vol. 67, 1878.

		William Mallory had, by the heiress of Tempest, seven sons
- John, William, Thomas, Christopher, George, Richard, and

		Of these children I have been able to gather the following
notices. On Jan. 15th, 1485-6, there is a licence for Chr.
Mallory and Isabel Malthouse, of Ripon, to be married in the
chapel of the Blessed Virgin there, without asking of banns.
(Test. Ebor. iii. 350).

		Testamenta Eboracensia,
a selection of Wills from the Registry at York, Vol. III.
The Surtees Society, Vol. 45, for 1864 (published 1865).

		1485-6, Jan. 15. Licence to John Tone, chantry-chaplain 
in the collegiate church at Ripon, to marry, in the chapel of the
Blessed Mary at Ripon, Christopher Mallory and Isabell Malt-
of par. Ripon, without banns. Ibid. [Reg. Rotherham] 52 b.


The Fountains Abbey Lease Book,
edited by D. J. H. Michelmore.
The Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Record Series Vol. 140, for 1979 and 1980 (printed 1981).

186. 5 June 15 Henry VIII [1523] Lease [in English] by
Abbot Marmaduke and the Convent of Fontayns to John
of Galghay of half a tenement in Galghay, late in
the holding of William Malthouse, his father, to hold for life
from Ellenmas last, paying 33s 4d per annum at the two
customary times of year, namely Whitsun and Martinmas. If
his rent remains unpaid for two months, the abbot and
convent have the right to distrain for the rent and arrears, and
if it is four months overdue, they can re-enter and relet
without interruption from John or anyone acting on his
behalf, this lease notwithstanding.....[Webmaster edit]
.......times when they are within the lordship, if he is called upon. If
Alison Malthouse, his mother, dies before him or marries
again, then John is to enter the whole farmhold. For the
performance of these premises, John is bound by deed with
other of his friends in the penalty of 20. Sealed inter-
changeably, the abbott and convent affixing their convent seal.

		Note -
John Malthouse was probably a descendent of the William Malthous
who held a tenancy there in 1454/5 [Memorials 3, pp. 193, 240.].


Records of a Yorkshire Manor,
by Sir Thomas Lawson-Tancred, Bt.
Edward Arnold & Co., London, 1937.

		Records from Charters and Court Rolls Extracted by Arthur Aldburgh
(& some others)

		Aldburgh--Court held 19 Hen viii
The inquisition presents that William Ibotson of Ritfortworth
and Richard Mawtus of Dunsforth have destroyed salmon in the
waters of Yore within the jurisdiction of the Liberty of Aldburgh.

		Webmaster Note - 1527 or 1528

The Fountains Abbey Lease Book,
edited by D. J. H. Michelmore, as above.

179. [fo 87] 21 February 24 Henry VIII [1533]. Lease [in
English] made at Fountance by Abbot William and the
Convent of Fountance to Richard Malthowse of Salley of a
moiety of a messuage, a moiety of a toft and a moiety of a
croft with appurtenances in Salley, near Fountaunce, now in
the holding of Margaret Coottes, widow, to hold for sixty
years from Lady Day next, paying 3s 4d per annum at
Ellenmas and Martinmas. If his rent remains unpaid at either
of the feasts, the abbot and convent, their officers and servents
have the right to distrain for the rent and arrears, and if it is
forty days overdue, they can re-enter, this lease notwith-
standing. Sealed interchangeably, the abbott and convent
affixing their convent seal.

Valor Ecclesiasticus,
tempore Henrici VIII, Auctoritate Regia Insitutus; Vol. V.
Printed by command of his Majesty King George III [1810], London, 1825; [p. 258].


Rectoria ap[ro]priat r decano ecc[lesias]tie Ebor.

		Mansione cu[m] duob mesuagijs et terr' dnical' } xx s. 

		Decim' lan' & agnell'  xiij s. viij d.  
decim' lini & canabi ij s.
minut' & privat' decimis ut p libo pascal' xxv s. iiij d.
In toto } xlj s.

		     } lxj s. 

		     Q['] valet clare.

		X ma p[er]s inde vj s. j d. q'

		Webmaster Note (from the Valor Ecclesiasticus) - 'It is no less than an 
		entire Survey and estimate of the whole Ecclesiastical Property of England 
		and Wales in the state in which it stood on the very eve of the 
		Reformation (1535)'.

A tale of two Villages, Bishop Monkton and Burton Leonard,
by B. M. Wray.
Privately published, 1988.

		When parson John Malthouse took over the vicarage in Burton
in 1504, he probably cared little that far away in London there
was serious disquit among the clergy as well as laity about the
conduct of church affairs.

		......old Parson Malthouse died in 1535 and, fortunately for him,
did not live to see the new order. He was certainly no reformer and
his devotion to the traditional belief in prayers for the departed
was manifest in his will, written shortly before his death:

		"I gyffe to a priest to pray for me a hooll yere with
placibo and dirge, 5.6s.8d. I gyffe to a nother priest to
syng fyve masses in the worship of fyve woundes of christ
15d. I gyffe to another priest or to the same for singing
of three masses of St Anthony with placibo and dirge
9d...I gyff for a hool trentall (30) of masses of saint
gregorie with placibo and dirge to be doyn immediatlie
after my deith, 10s."

		He was also anxious that there should be a full church for his
funeral and that nobody should stay away for fear of losing a
day's pay:

		"I woll that any husholders in burton leonard shall
have 4d to pray for my soule"

		He was concerned for the upkeep of his parish church, leaving
10s for the "ornamentes", (soon, alas, to be annexed by the servants
of the Crown), and another 10s was to go to the "parishing to buy
if they will a thyrd bell", plus three sheep for the "sustentacion
of the chapell of saint leonard".
The poor were not forgotten, and here Parson Malthouse gave the
churchwardens no leeway for backsliding:

		"to the sustentacion of a powre bed three sheip,
and two kirkmaisters to keip if they wole and if they wole
not to theyme that woll of the next towne."

		Other interesting bequests were "to Robert Brige 2s 6d" and
"to Staynley to mend the hyeway with thair 2s" This must refer to
the bridge at the Lime Kilns where South Stainley parish lies on
the other side of the beck. Perhaps the existing abutments of the
footbridge and the paving stones on the far side were constructed with
Parson Malthouse's legacies.

		In addition, there were bequests to other churches, to neighbours,
relations and friends including, perhaps, his housekeeper: "to Ellyn
Thackwray a preisor (cupboard) and a fetherbed which was her mother's
and a maser (dish) and four silver sponys...", and to William Thackwray
his corn growing in the fields, two oxen and a "nyeron bowne wayn" - a
cart reinforced with iron.

		John Malthouse's will speaks to us, across four centuries, of life in 
Burton Leonard, of his concern for his immortal soul and of his affection
for his parishioners and his church.


Monastic Leasing before the Dissolution: The Evidence of Bolton Priory and Fountains Abbey,
by R. Hoyle.
The Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, Vol. 61, 1989.

		Abstracts of Unpublished Fountains Leases

7 June 1537. Lease (in the form of a deed poll) to George Scothorpe
and Alison his wife......and a tenement adjoining to Northus called
Blandhous now in the holding of John Malthus (rent 15s). The lease not
to take effect with regard to Blandhous until the death of John Malthus.

Visitation of Yorkshire 1563-64,
made by William Flower, Esq., Norroy King of Arms,
edited by Charles Best Norcliffe, M.A., of Langton.
Harleian Society Publications, Vol. 16, London, 1881.

		Ingleby pedigree

		Elsabeth wyf to Rychard Malthowsse

		Webmaster Notes - Date presently unknown (to me) but probably around 
		the year 1540.

		Marriage also included in the Visitation of 1584/5 by Robert Glover, 
		Somerset Herald (as privately printed by Joseph Foster, 1875) for Ingleby 
		of Ripley as 'Elizabeth, wife of Wm. Malthouse'. 

		See also Payne's 'Collections' (p. 104) and the Gunpowder Plot 
		Society Web site. On the Gunpowder Plot Society Web site it states that 
		Elizabeth was re-married to Francis Slingsby (1522-1600) though I doubt 
		this to be the case.

Calendar of Patent Rolls, preserved in the Public Records Office,
Edward VI, Vol. 5.

His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1926.


		20 May 1553
Grant to George Talbott, knight, lord Talbott, of thr manor and
castle of Bolsover, Derb., formerly of Jasper late duke of Bedford ;
the six messuages in Craven, Yorks., in the several tenures of Robert
Welles, John Maltehowse, Thomas Duffeld, the elder, William Stele,
Thomas Duffeld, the younger, and Thomas Braithwayte, and all
appurtenances of these messuages (including common of pasture in
Kyrkebye Maklesert Moor),...which belonged to Fountains monastery ;....

		To hold to the said lord Talbott, his heirs and assigns at fee farm ;
holding of the king as of his manor of Estgrenewiche, Kent, in free and
common socage, by fealty only and not in chief; and rendering yearly
for Bolsover ... ... for the premises in Craven in tenure of
Robert Welles, John Maltehowse, Thomas Duffeld the elder, William
Stele, Thomas Duffeld, the younger, and Thomas Braythawayte, for each
3l. 6s. 8d.,...

		By p.s. [II 966. Greenwich, 18 May]

		Webmaster Note - John Wells has informed me that a copy (in Latin) of this 
document is held as part of the Vyner papers at Sheepscar, Leeds.

Calendar of Patent Rolls, preserved in the Public Records Office.
Elizabeth, Vol. 2, 1560-1563.

His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1948.


		7 Jan 1561
Pardon for persons indicated for felonies as follows-
Richard Waynman late of Roclyfe in Northriding co. York, 'laborer',
for that on 2 Aug., 5 and 6 Ph & Mary, he broke and entered the close
of Richard Maulthouse at Roclyfe and stole a mare belonging to him;.....

		Webmaster Note - 1558

Tudor Parish Documents of the Diocese of York,
edited by J. S. Purvis.
Cambridge University Press, 1948.

		The fight against Superstition
Monuments; Forebodings of Elizabeth's Changes

		Will of Ric. Malthous of Roclyff, dated 6 Aug. 1558, buried in the Church of
St Michael le Belfry, York. [York, Diocesan Registry, R. As. ff. 7-12.] Belfrays one corporax case wrought with silke and gold
and the corporax within it. Item I gyve one vestment of blew
checkerede silke with stole and fannon with crosses of velvet to Salley
Chappell to be prayed for And if the uses of vestments do cease in
churches or chappells or if the said Chappell of Salley be pulled downe
then I will the said vestment to remane to my wif and my childer...

Ducatus Lancastriae, Pars Tertia,
Calendar Pleadings, Depositions, &c; Vol. II.
Printed by command of his Majesty King George IV, London, 1827.

		Entry - 6. 
Plaintiff - Wilfred Lewtie, claiming by Purchase, and Title to Surrender and Admittance.
Defendants - William Tanckerde, Steward of the Court, and Christopher Mawtus, Clerk of the Court, and Sir William Englebye, Knight.
Relating to - Lands and Tenements, late belonging to Joyce Warde.
At - Clynte. Knaresboroughe Manor. Knaresboroughe Castle. Knaresboroughe Court.
County - Yorkshire.

		and from - 
Knaresburgh and its Rulers,
by William Wheater.
Richard Jackson, Leeds/ Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co, London, 1907.

		Samson Ingleby, Sir William's fifth son, and Brynand his son-in-law, were
land grabbers.

		Among the placemen seeking gain are the Langtons and the Tankards. Thomas 
Langton, yeoman "of Haragat," who married Elizabeth Slingsby, aunt of Francis,
had a son Robert, 1560, a grabber in Feliscliff. In 1564, William Tanckerde,
Steward of the Court, and Christopher Mawtus, Clerk, were kinsmen of the
Inglebys and Byrnands. The descendants of Thomas Knaresburgh the miller were
less prominent.

Archbishop Grindal's Visitation, 1575,
Comperta et Detecta Book,
edited by W. J. Sheils.
Borthwick Texts and Calenders, 19?.

		Records of the Northern Province 4,
The Archdeaconrye of Clevelande, The Deanrye of Bulmer.


    The churchyarde is not well fensed in the default of Elisabeth
of Rocliffe, wydowe.


Aldborough branch, from the late 16th Century.
Aldborough is near Boroughbridge, to the South East of Ripon.

Wills & Administrations from the Knaresborough Court Rolls, Vol. 2,
edited by Francis Collins.
The Surtees Society, Vol. 110, 1905.

		Matilda Gascoigne's Inquisition P.M.

		Membrane 21. At an Inquisition P.M. held at Aldburgh,
Nov. 24, 19 James 1 (1621), it was shown that Matilda, the
relict of Brian Gascoigne of Mynskipp, died seized of lands
in Mynskipp, certain burgages in Burrowbrigg, and lands in
the Manor of Aldburgh &c., and that she died July 25,
1620, and that Christopher Mawteus was the son and heir
of the said Matilda, and that at the time of her death he
was 34 years of age and upwards.

		Webmaster Note - A Xpofer Mauthus was christened on December 26,
		1585, the son of Raph Mauthus per the Parish Register of Aldborough.
		Probably the same individual as above.

Three Seventeenth Century Court Rolls of the Manor of Aldborough,
by Sir T. Lawson-Tancred, Bt.
The Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, Vol. 35/ Pt. 2 (or Pt.138), 1941.


		    The Manor of Aldborough, which had previously belonged
to the Duchy of Lancaster, was purchased by Arthur Aldburgh
in 1629. He was the representative of a family long connected
with Aldborough.........
    The Court Rolls of the Manor were kept in Latin until about
the middle of the 17th century. After the passing of the Poor
Laws in the reign of Elizabeth, much of the business transacted
at the Manor Courts was transferred to a Bench of Magistrates, and
the Court Rolls began to be carelessly kept and badly written.
    Aldburgh restored the Manor Courts to a great extent, and
in his time the Rolls were well kept. (Mostly in Latin.)
    The 17th century Court Rolls deal largely with the Agriculture
of the Manor which followed the old Open Field System......

		Roll I.

		ALDBURGH. View of Frank Pledge with Court Baron of Arthur
    Aldburgh, Esquire, held within the Tolbooth of
    Boroughbridge, on the 19th October in the 6th year
    of the Reign of Our Sovereign Lord Charles, King of
    England. (October 19th, 1630.)

Richard Sutton, Richard Bell, William Tebb, Christopher Mawtus,
Richard Burnand, Peter Burnand, Richard Dove, William Pick,
senior, William Wright, Stephen Robinson, William Browne,
Nicholas Steele, Martin Simpson, George Casse, Nicholas Smithson,
Rober Brigham, George Faule, Thomas Inchbald, Dionis Benson.

		Imprimis. The said Jurors present on oath that:

		Francis Burnet and Robert Surr have played at unlawful
times at dice and unlawful games, fined 2d. .....

		Item William Horner for breaking the Pound 3/4d. .....

		Item They say that Henry Earl has inchased and out-
chased his cattle in the Ox Close and Ings of Minskip 12d. .....

		Item The inhabitants of Minskip because they have
retted hemp in an illegal manner 12d. .....

		Constables for Township of Aldburgh 
     William Brigham }
     Ralph Baines }Sworn
Ale Tasters
     George Faule }
     Richard Hutton }Sworn
Minskip Constables
     Stephen Robinson }
     John Parker }Sworn
- " - Ale Tasters
     Edward Marke }
     Edward Jackson }Sworn
- " - Byelawmen
     Christopher Mawtus }
     William Wright }
     John Wharfe }
     Gilbert Parker }Sworn
Useburn Constable John Browne for ensuring year.

		Roll III.

		ALDBURGH View of Frank Pledge with Court Baron of Arthur
Aldburgh, Esquire, held within the Tolbooth of Boroughbridge,
on the 5th day of October in the 15th year of the reign of Our
Sovereign, Lord Charles, King of England, Scotland, France
and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, before Jonathan Jennings,
Esquire, Steward there (October 5, 1639)

Christopher Mawtus, Richard Dove, William Smithson, John
Earle, Marmaduke Lowry, John Marke, Richard Burnand,
Christopher Ward, William Dickinson, William Browne, George
Fall, Senior, Richard Ward, Roger Harrison, Thomas Saunderson,
Thomas Shaw. (Sworn).

		Impris The Jury on oath that John Burneston, ...............
Thomas Mauleverer, Esquire,..............................Are
some of them Free Tenants, others are Customary Tenants, and
In Progress - material still to be added

Records of a Yorkshire Manor,
by Sir Thomas Lawson-Tancred, Bt., as above.

		An Assessment for the Poor Rate, 1659

		ALDBURGH An Assesssment for the Poor Feb 6th 1659 by the
discretion of us, whose names are underwritten, for one Month

Christopher Mawtus      0.0.2

		    [Note. By a decision of the House of Commons in 1679 only
Ratepayers in Aldborough were entitled to the Parliamentary vote.]

		Webmaster Note - Complete list numbers 88 names, though some are nil
		payable. Total sum 1. 12s. 8d.

The Hearth Tax List for Claro Wapentake, West Riding of Yorkshire,
Lady Day 1672
Ripon Historical Society and Ripon and District FHG, 1990.

		Audfield [Aldfield] - Gilbert (1), Marmaduke (2) and William Mawtas (2)
Bishopton cu Clotheram [Clotherholme] - Richard Lambert or Mautas (3)
Clint - Christopher Mawtas (1)
Grantley cu Eversome [Eaveston] - George Maultas (1)
Grewelthrop - Gilbert Mawtas (1)
Markinton cu Wallerthwaite - Francis Mawtas (1)
Minskip - Christopher (1), John (1) and Widdow Moultas (1). William Maultas (1)
Ripon Allhallowgate - Ralph Maltus (4)
Usburne Magna [Great Ouseburn] - William Mawtas (1)

		The Hearth Tax List for York City and Ainsty Wapentake,
Lady Day 1672
Ripon Historical Society and Ripon and District FHG, 1990?.

		Michaell le Belfey - Willm Mawltas (3)

		The Hearth Tax List for the North Riding of Yorkshire, Part One,
Michaelmas 1673
Ripon Historical Society and Ripon and District FHG, 1991?.

		Downholme cu Walburne, Hang West Wapentake - Rd Maltas (1)

		The Hearth Tax List for the North Riding of Yorkshire, Part Two,
Michaelmas 1673
Ripon Historical Society and Ripon and District FHG, 1991.

		Hutton Conyer, Allerton Wapentake - Thomas Maltas (1)
Long Cowton [East Cowton], Gilling East Wapentake - Jo Maultas (3), Marmaduke Maltas (2)


Records relating to a Seventeenth-Century Parliamentary Election,
by J. W. Walker, O.B.E., F.S.A.
The Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, Vol. 34/ Pt. 1 (or Pt. 133), 1938.

		From 'the manuscripts at Hackness Hall, which have have been kindly lent
by Lord Derwent for transciption.'

		Indenture dated February 8, 1690-1, between John Elley,
baliff of the borough of Aldborough, and the burgesses said
to be entitled to vote at the election when Sir Michael Went-
worth and Christopher Tancred were elected.


		Hec Indentura Ita vicesimo octavo die Februarii Anno Regni
Dni Willielmi tertii & Marie scde dei gra. Angl. Scot. Franc.
Hibnie Regis & Regine fidei Defensor. &c. secundo. Int. Johem
Elley Ballm Burgi de Aldbrough in Com. Ebor. ex una parte Et
Robert Screwton Robert Simpson Richard Fall Chris. Fall Robert
Smithson Chris. Maltas Robert Browne Junr Richard Thompson
Jun. James Simpson Peter Thoresby Robert Browne Sen. Thomas
Watson Richard Dove John Fall Thomas Wilkinson Gen. Andrew
Wilkinson Arm. Thomas Screwton sen. Michael Simpson Richard
Smithson Richard Screwton Thomas Thompson George Lowson
William Screwton John Erle William Fall Richard Marke Robert
Myers Thomas Foster Peter Foster John Screwton Thomas Surr
Robert Hodgson William Vittye Thomas Hatton Thomas Smith-
son Richard Surr Thomas Atkinson Robert Simpson Junr John
English Peter Hill Richard Surr Jun. Edward Steavens John
Dichinson sen. William Atkinson Thomas Hill John Rawling
Richard Vmpleby George Aldbrough James Maugham Robert
Rawling Jun. Thomas Blackburne Richard Pearce Thomas Rawling
Richard Middlebrough Richard Blackburne William Dickson
John Ellay & Richard Cariss Burgenses Burgi de Aldbrough in
Com. Ebor dict. Et alios Burgenses ejusdem Burgi existen majorem
partem Burgensiu Burgi predict. tunc ibm present ex altera parte
Testatur qd virtute lris Dni Regis & Dne Regine Com Ebor.
direct per virtute Warranti inde et prefat, fact et prefat Ballivo
Burgi prct direct p eligend duor Burgensiu p Burgo prd formam
et officium lris et Warranti pdt. fore ad Parliament dict Dni Regis
et Dne Regine tenend. apud Civitat suam Westmr vicesimo die Martii
p futur prefat. Burgenses uno animo assensu et consensu apud
Burgum de Aldbrough predt. Eligerunt Michaelem Wentworth
Mil. et Christophorum Tankard Armigerum Burgenses ad deser-
viend in Parliament prd p Burgo prd. Et dederunt et concessor.
eisdem Burgensibus plenam et potestat p se et Civitate Burgi
pdict. ad faciend et consentiend hiis que in eodem Parliament
(ffavente dno) contingerint ordinarii formam et lris & Warranti
pdict. In Cujus rei testimonium partes pd Sigilla sua hiis presentibus
alternatim apposuer. die et anno supradict.

		    [Signatures or marks of all the above are appended.]


		Instruction to Council regarding a petition against the return
of Sir Michael Wentworth and Christopher Tancred, Esq., by
the Rt. Hon. Henry Boyle and John Vanderbendie, Esqrs.

		.....Chris. Mortus an Old Dotard will soon be out of his road.....

		Webmaster Note - Article includes much information (which I do not intend to 
		reproaduce in full) with regard to the dispute over Parliamentary representation.
		Boyle and Vanderbendie appear to have had the support of a select group of nine
		Burgage Tenants, who claimed historic rights to return representatives, while
		Wentworth and Tancred had majority support of a slightly wider group of individuals
		(listed above), described as 'the Populace'.

The Yorkshire Poll Book 1741.
Ward & Chandler, Booksellers of Coney Street, York, 1742;
Facsimile by Raymonds Original Pollbooks, 1997.

		Entries divided by Candidate, and then by Township, in source. 
Place of Abode Freeholders Names Who voted for
Amotherby Malthouse Stephen Cholmley Turner, Esq.
Bolsterstone [*] Malthouse Stephen George Fox, Esq.
Coulton, Great (Freehold at Hornby) Malthouse Robert George Fox, Esq.
Easingwould Malthouse William Cholmley Turner, Esq.
Minskipp Maltas Christopher Cholmley Turner, Esq.
Rippon Matlas William Cholmley Turner, Esq.

		The Yorkshire Poll Book 1741,
John Jackson, Grape-Lane, York:
'Where may be had a Weekly News-Paper, call'd, the York Gazetteer'.
		In Voter Surname order, in source.
Places of Abode Freeholders Names Who voted for
Asmunderby Malthouse Stephen Cholmley Turner, Esq.
Bondgate Malthouse Stephen George Fox, Esq.
Cowton, East (Freehold at Hornby) Maltus Robert George Fox, Esq.
Easingwould Malthouse William Cholmley Turner, Esq.
Minskip Malthouse Christopher Cholmley Turner, Esq.
Ripon Malthouse William Cholmley Turner, Esq.

		Webmaster Notes -
(1) [*] Bolsterstone is an error; the next alphabetical abode entry is Bongate by Rippon.
(2) Cholmley Turner, a ministerial Whig, gained 8005 votes; George Fox, a Tory, 7049.

Upper Wharfdale,
by Harry Speight.
Elliot Stock, London, 1900.

		But the usual driving-route from Barden is through Appletrewick
and Hartlington to Burnsall...
A little from the road stands Woodhouse, formerly a village and
manor belonging to Marton Priory and for centuries the home of
the Blands. Nothing has ever been said of Lord Nelson's connections
with this place, though I have little doubt that through the family
of Bland, the old manor house will be proved to be one of the
ancestral homes of England's greatest seaman.....
...Robert Bland, who died in 1819, purchased
the old house and barn with several tenements &c., then called High
Woodhouse, from one Chris. Malthouse, of Minskip, Co. York, and
re-sold them some years after to the owner of Low Woodhouse, a
Mr. Michael Gill, of Lead Hall, near Tadcaster.

Beverley Minster (St.John & St.Martin) Monumental Inscriptions.
East Yorkshire FHS, 1997.

		Sacred to the memory of Mary, the daughter of John and Elizabeth
Mawtus who departed this life, 19th of August 1820, aged 6 years and 5
months. Also of John Mawtus [Super] of Excise late of Beverley
and father of the above who died January 3rd 1826 aged 44 years.

		Burial Register Entries -

		21 Aug 1820   Mary Mawtus   Landress Lane   6
07 Jan 1826   John Mawtus   Walkergate   44

Index to 1851 Census,
Volume 1;

Parishes of Aldborough (inc. Boroughbridge), Copgrove,
Marton Cum Grafton, Ripley & Staveley.
Published by Harrogate FHG and Ripon Historical Society.

Surname Forename Age County Place of Birth Folio
Mawtus Christopher 12 YKS Minskip 67
Mawtus John 14 YKS Minskip 67
Mawtus Mary 33 YKS Bishop Monkton 67
Mawtus Richard 32 --- Tumbridgewells 67
Mawtus Richard 10 YKS Minskip 67
Mawtus Sarah E. 6 YKS Minskip 67

		Webmaster Notes -

Gravestone Inscription. Churchyard of St. Andrew, Aldborough.

WHO DIED MARCH 19th 1880

'Collections for a history of the family of Malthus' by J. O. Payne
published in London in 1890.

		Left to right - Alfred (b.1900?), Harry (b.1896), Leonard (b.1902) and 
George (b.1898).The 4 eldest Children of Alfred Mawtus and Alice Taylor.

Leeds Absent Voters, List of the Leeds Electoral Roll 1918/19.
Leeds City Council, Local and Family History Library (See Link below).

Ref No. Name Number Rank Unit
7666LS Mawtus, George 379535 Pte (Sig Sec) RE
6958LS Mawtus, Harry 62774 Pte RAMC (94 Fld Amb)

Webmaster Note - There are also a number of entries for the Malthouse Surname.

From a Church Magazine of May 1919. First Article on page headed "Aldborough Parish" -

				The late Private E. Mawtus, K.O.Y.L.I.
News, both official and unofficial, has been lately received by Mr. & Mrs. Mawtus, of Minskip, which removes any lingering doubts of the fate of their son, who has been reported missing since Nov. 4th. A friend reports that his identification disc has been discovered, and that his body lies buried in Mormal Forest, about four miles from Landrecies, and that a small cross marks his last resting place. Great sympathy has been felt for his parents during their long drawn-out suspense, waiting - always waiting - for news, with that hope deferred which maketh the heart sick, and now that the worst is known, it is with renewed sympathy that we approach them and with tender regrets in our hearts for their loss; yes, and ours too. He was a good, pure, straight lad, cheerful, always happy, whom God has called for work elsewhere. He would have been 20 years old, had he lived, on the 13th of April last. His parents ask that through this Magazine, friends and sympathisers, may know how grateful they have been and are, for the kindness shown and the prayers offered for them and their lad. R.I.P.

		Plaque in Minskip Village Hall. Donald and Geoffrey Mawtus were brothers.

Mawtus and related family information on this site

		Mawtus Family Tree
		.....My family tree.
Mawtus Grave and other Inscriptions
Mawtus photographs .....from Minskip and Leeds.
Other Branches of the Yorkshire Malthous Family .....from the late 16th century to the early 19th.
    Long Cowton
    Kirkby Malzeard Richard Mawtus, Mayor of Ripon.

    Birnand and Slingsby ..... mentions a Ralph Mawtus.
    Francis Malthus ..... Author of 'A Treatise of Artificial Fire-Works...'. With crest and arms.
    Edwin Mawtus ..... from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
Published Family History
    John Orlebar Payne ..... selection from 'Collections for a history of the family of Malthus'.
    John Malthus, Vicar of Burton Leonard 1535

Other Malthus and Malthouse sites

		Maltass of Smyrna, Turkey
		 ..... by Dr. Mark Humphrys.

		One of a number of family history sites that Mark has done for his wife's 
		(and own) ancestors. This family (probably Ripon/Bondgate branch) took 
		up diplomatic posts and intermarried with other European families.

		Letters from a Wisconsin Union Soldier
		 ..... by Edward and Richard Malthouse. 

		Fascinating story of the year James Malthouse (1830-1865) spent in the
		Union Army. James the son of John (b.1799) and Ann Raper emigrated from 
		Leeds in 1854.

		The Malthus Homepage 
		 ..... by Nigel Malthus.

		Interesting Site; Even Hogarth makes an appearance!.
		"Our authority for saying that our branch is unique to New Zealand relies
		on the opinion of one man, my father's cousin Robert who lived in the
		Isle of Wight, and died in 1972 aged 90. He stated some years before he
		died that he had made extensive enquiries throughout U.K. and found no
		others of that spelling. Of course this refers to UK only."
		Included in an e-mail from Bill Malthus (Nigel's Father).

Web pages with Malthouse (etc.) references


Janice Cushman's ..... Ancestors.

		Some brief details of Malthouse (Clint branch) family member who moved to Leeds.

Rob Waddleton's ..... Family research.

		Includes some brief details of the family of Edwin Mawtus of Minskip.

The Halifax Fire Fighters Memorial ..... at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

		The munitions ship Mont Blanc caught fire and exploded on December 6, 1917. A
		Monument to the Fire Fighters who died was dedicated in 1992.
		Linda Nesbitt drew my attention to a Captain Michael Maltus (1872?-1917)
		who is listed on the site. It would appear his family had come from London in the 
		late 19th Century.

Please let me know of any other Malthouse and Malthus Web sites/pages except those specifically relating to the theories of the Rev. Thomas Robert Malthus which are outside the scope of this research.

		See also the links on my Main Genealogy page
		some of which include Mawtus or Malthouse references.

Please note I have taken the liberty of excluding page numbers from some of the above sources. Dates and relevant names highlighted by the Webmaster.

Special thanks to -

		Judith Carr, Geoff Marshall, Anne Mawtus, Barbara & John Mawtus, Christopher Mawtus, 
		Connie Mawtus and Betty Savage for their assistance, especially with regard to
		family tree information.

		Bill Smithson, Steve Smithson and John Wells for their interest and help.

		Jean Denton for sharing her research of various Ripon Records (much of which I 
			still have to put online).

		Faith Keymer for some interesting leads.

		John H. Tillotson for adding some additional information to his interesting
		book "Monastery and Society in the Late Middle Ages".

		Barbara Wray for permission to reproduce text from "A tale of two Villages".
		Her book is still available and I recommend it to you.

		Bill Malthus and his Family.

		Anyone who gives or has been involved with the provision of open access to 
			genealogical information.


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